1979/04/04 Caterpillar

New Pistons And Timing Advance Unit Give Better Emissions Control And Easier Starts


3208 Truck Engines (Arrangements 9N5140, 9N5142, 9N5153, 9N5156, 9N5160, 9N5161, 9N5164, 9N5165, 9N5166, 9N5176, 9N5184, 9N5185) (Direct Injection-Naturally Aspirated, 175 Horsepower-Not Equipped With Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

Description of Change: New basic piston groups are used in the above engines, and a different timing advance unit changes the amount of timing advance during operation. The new pistons increase the compression ratio of the engine for better control of emissions, including white smoke. Also, the increased compression will make the engine easier to start, especially in cold temperatures. With the increased compression, a new timing advance unit limits the timing advance to 3°. Formerly, the timing advance was 5°.

Adaptable To: The new parts are used in the above engine arrangements with Serial Numbers 32Y8309-up, and are not adaptable to any other 3208 Engines.

Caterpillar Information System:

1979/04/04 A Reverse Connection Of Oil Filter Hoses Can Cause Bearing Failures
1979/04/04 Fabricated Air-To-Water Aftercooler Available For Dynamometer Testing Of Engines Equipped With Air-To-Air Aftercoolers
1979/04/04 Improved Fuel Priming Pumps Give Longer Service Life
1979/04/04 New Woodward Governor Control Used On Diesel Engines; Former Control Now Used On Gas Engines Only
1979/04/04 List Of Service Publications
1979/04/04 Four Crankshaft Rear Seals Are Available For Use On 3304 And 3306 Engines
1979/04/04 New Oil Jet Tube In Cylinder Block Gives More Clearance For Pistons And Connecting Rods
1979/04/04 New Fabricated Tools Available For Service Work On 7211 And 7221 Marine Transmissions
1979/03/14 Replacement Bushing Available For Cast Iron Rocker Arms Only
1979/03/14 Information About The Use Of Earlier Cylinder Heads And Liners With Spacer Plate Cylinder Blocks; List Of Earlier Articles
1979/03/14 Revision To Guideline For Reusable Parts Is Available
1979/03/14 List Of Service Publications
1979/04/25 6V112 Repair Kit Available For Parts Service Of The 8H8558 Nut Spinner
1979/04/25 Inspection Of Connecting Rods In Parts Stocks
1979/04/25 Conversion Group Available To Install Woodward Governor On Engines Equipped With Mechanical Governor
1979/04/25 Careful, Correct Installation And Maintenance Of Fuel Injection Lines Is Very Important To Prevent Possible Engine Damage, Fire And Other Problems
1979/04/25 Inspection Of Oil Pump After Long Periods Of Service Can Prevent Engine Damage
1979/04/25 How To Extend The Service Life Of 1P5550 Fuel Cam Locking Tool Assembly
1979/04/25 New Oil Cooler Bonnets Used On 3408 And 3412 Engines
1979/04/25 Inspection Of Oil Filters In Parts Stocks
1979/04/25 New Exhaust Valve Has Improved Three-Piece Construction
1979/04/25 Dowtherm Test Strips No Longer Available
1979/04/25 During Installation Of Crankshaft Piston Ring Seals, Put Silicone Grease In The Groove And On The Seal
1979/04/25 Stronger Output Shaft Now Used In 2N3909 Tachometer Drive Adapter
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