1979/03/14 Caterpillar

Revision To Guideline For Reusable Parts Is Available


A revision to the Guideline for Reusable Parts, Valves and Valve Springs, is available. The new form number is SEBF8002-01. There have been several additions and changes made in the new guideline. They are:

1. A 40% increase in the number of photographs of worn valves and springs.
2. Recommendations for additional methods to clean valves and valve stems.
3. Many small marks or scratches on the valve stem and valve head are now permitted.
4. Discoloration (change in color from normal) on valve stems is permitted if valves are cleaned and there is no discoloration in the retainer groove area before cleaning.
5. Light rust on valve stems and fillets is permitted if it can be removed by cleaning and there are no pits under the rust.
6. A recommendation that the 6V87 Valve Stem Gauge be used to measure valve stem diameters. This is a "Use Again, Do Not Use Again" gauge.
7. More "cupping" of valve heads is permitted. The earlier specification was too limited.

In addition, the specifications for valves and valve springs are now in a separate Guideline For Reusable Parts, Form SEBF8034, which is also available.

Caterpillar Information System:

1979/03/14 List Of Service Publications
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1979/04/04 List Of Service Publications
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1979/04/04 New Pistons And Timing Advance Unit Give Better Emissions Control And Easier Starts
1979/04/25 6V112 Repair Kit Available For Parts Service Of The 8H8558 Nut Spinner
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