1979/01/24 Caterpillar

5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group Used For Removal And Installation Of Piston Pin Bearings In Tapered Connecting Rods


3208 Engines (Equipped With Tapered Rod Bushings)

SUPPLEMENT: 03/14/79


In the article "5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group Used For Removal And Installation Of Piston Pin Bearings In Tapered Connecting Rods", two of the part numbers and names shown in the illustration are wrong. Put marks through the part numbers and names. The correct information is shown in the illustration which follows. Make a correction to the JANUARY 24, 1979 ENGINE NEWS.

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A 5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group (see the Illustration) is available for service work on 3208 Engines that have taper-type bearings in the pin bore.

A new piston group is used in 3208 Engines. The design of the new piston group increases pin bore fatigue strength. The piston has tapered inner bosses and the rod has a tapered end which uses a taper-type bearing.

The 5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group must be used with the 5P8639 Press Group for removal or installation of these bearings.

Each part of the 5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group is available separately. Dealers who have the 6V100 Tool Arrangement need only add the 5P9704 Spacer from the tool group.

5P9705 Tapered Rod Tool Group.

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