1994/07/08 Caterpillar

Improved Lubrication Of Attachment Coupler Bushing{5133}


All Telescopic Material Handlers

Description of Change: Current production machines have grease fittings installed in the bosses which support the attachment coupler pivot shaft in the boom head. The bosses are equipped with self lubricating type bushings, but in some applications, dirt enters and shortens the bushing service life. Installation of these grease fittings on machines that do not have them will allow for improved lubrication of the attachment coupler bushings

Adaptable To: This change is adaptable to all machines in service if required. Two 3B8489 Grease Fittings are required.

Installation Procedure

1. Remove the attachment coupler.

2. Drill 8.5 mm (.33 in) hole (A) through each boss and bushing at the positions indicated in the illustration. Tap holes with 1/8NPTF and install the 3B8489 Grease Fittings.

3. Assemble the attachment coupler to the boom head and lubricate all fittings.

4. Subsequent lubrication should be at the existing attachment coupler fittings interval of 50 service hours or two weeks.

Caterpillar Information System:

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