1994/07/08 Caterpillar

Alternator Circuit Breaker May Have An Intermittent Fault{1420}


RT50, RTC60 (5PF,4XG),
RT60 (5DG),
RT50 SA (8DJ),
RT80 and RT100 (1GJ) Telescopic Material Handlers

Reference: Special Instruction, SEHS6144, "Setting Instructions for 815920 Electronic Control Box Group", RT50SA, RT50, RTC60 and RT60 Telescopic Material Handlers.

Special Instruction, SEHS6222, "Calibration of Telescopic Material Handler Mark III Control Boxes", RT80 and RT100 Telescopic Material Handlers.

9S0173 Alternator Circuit Breaker.

There have been reports of defective 9S0173 Alternator Circuit Breakers (1), that open and close intermittently. When the circuit breaker is open, battery charge stops. When it closes, a voltage surge through the system occurs.

When the battery charge falls below a predetermined level, or an excessive voltage surge occurs, the control system is automatically disconnected at the control box under the operators seat and all functions controlled by the joystick become inoperative.

When the alternator circuit breaker faults, check the fault codes displayed by the control box. Refer to the Special Instructions referenced above for details of the fault codes and remedial action required.

If the code indicates low battery voltage, check the charging system. Be sure that the 9S0173 Alternator Circuit Breaker is fully serviceable before including it in circuits to test other components.

Caterpillar Information System:

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1994/07/08 Extended Shuttle Valve Holder{4289}
1994/07/08 Improved Lubrication Of Attachment Coupler Bushing{5133}
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1979/01/24 A New 6V29 Sleeve Metering Fuel System Pump Roll Pin Tool Is Used To Adjust And Make A Replacement Of Roll Pins In The Fuel Injection Pump Housing
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