1981/05/12 Caterpillar

FT1585 Plate Can Be Fabricated For Governor Spring Guide Replacement


All 3300 Direct Injection Engines With Scroll Fuel System

The new FT1585 Plate can be made for use during replacement of worn governor spring guides in 8N2500 (Rear) Governor Housings on the above engines. The plate is used to control the depth to which the spring guide is installed in the governor housing. Use 17 gauge mild steel to fabricate the FT 1585 Plate. Dimensions for the plate are given in Illustration 1. Use the procedure that follows to install a new spring guide.

Illustration 1. FT1585 Plate specifications.

1. Use 1P529 Handle, 1P462 Plate, and a hydraulic press to remove the 8N2499 Spring Guide from the governor housing. There must be a hole in the press to permit the guide to be removed. See Illustration 2.

Illustration 2. Removal of spring guide.

2. Use the FT1585 Plate and a hydraulic press to put the new 8N2499 Spring Guide in position in the governor housing. Push the 8N2500 Housing down on to the spring guide. The FT1585 Plate controls the depth to which the spring guide is installed into the governor housing. See Illustration 3

3. The location of the end of the spring guide must be 1.40 ±.25 mm (.055±.010") below the surface of the housing as shown.

Illustration 3. Installation of spring guide.

Illustration 4. Correct installation depth.

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