1989/12/25 Caterpillar

New Cooling System Cleaner Now Available For All Engines{1350,0680,1352,1353}


Reference: "Coolant And Your Engine," SEBD0970, "Know Your Cooling System," SEBD0518.

Another cooling system cleaner is now available from the Caterpillar Service Technology Group which will allow one-step cleaning and new coolant refill. This new cleaner can be used for preventive maintenance (similar to the present 6V4511 Cleaner) but is used as a short-time flush at the time of coolant change. Both of these cleaners are available.

The new cleaner is available from the Parts System in the following container sizes:

4C4609: 0.236 L (1 pint)
4C4610: 1.98 L (1 quart)
4C4611: 3.78 L (1 gallon)
4C4612: 18.9 L (5 gallon)
4C4613: 208 L (55 gallon) drum

This mild solvent will not be effective in cooling systems that have been neglected or have heavy scale build-up. A stronger commercial solvent is required to clean these cooling systems.

Caterpillar Information System:

1989/12/25 Do Not Use 1U5555 Hydraulic Hose Press Pump Group In 230 Volt Circuits{0616,5057}
1989/12/25 New Assembly Method For Track Links Makes It Easier To Install And Adjust{4169,4170}
1989/12/18 New Seal Group Used In Seawater Pump{1371,1361}
1989/12/18 Paper Liner Available For Centrifugal Oil Filters{1328}
1989/12/11 Cooling System Drain Valves Available{1372}
1989/12/11 Modification Of 2W1054 Screen Assembly For Use During Dynamometer Testing{1307}
1989/12/11 New Spark Plug Used In Ignition Groups{1555}
1989/12/11 New Camshaft And Lifter Kits Available For Slipper Type Cam Followers (Valve Lifters){1209,1210}
1989/12/11 Additional Information For Checking Valve Camshaft Timing{1105,1110,1112,1121}
1989/12/11 4C4213 Insulation Tester for Electrical Power Generation{0785}
1989/11/27 New Turbocharger, Piston And Fuel Ratio Control Used{1052,1214,1215,1278}
1989/11/27 Electrostatic Painting And/Or Incorrect Welding Can Cause Permanent Damage To Electronic Control Module (ECM){1706}
1989/12/25 New Fuel Return Valve Prevents Siphoning{1253,1274}
1989/12/25 New Valve Assembly And Washer Used In Fuel Transfer Pump Group{1256}
1989/12/25 Improved Gaskets And Covers Used In Cover Groups, Connection Group And Water Lines Groups; New Clips Used In Water Lines Groups{1350,1063}
1989/12/25 Improved Valve And Injector Jam Nut Used In Valve Rocker Arm Group{1123}
1990/01/15 Separate Service Manual Microfiche Library Available For Engines Only {1000,0374,0375}
1990/01/15 Service Element Available For Flexible Coupling Group {3252}
1990/01/15 Unit Injector Tips Now Have An Improved Brazing Technique {1290}
1990/01/15 New Head Gasket Used On 3306B Truck Engines {1124,1100,1101}
1980/11/24 Coolant Conditioner Elements Are Now Available For 3208 Truck Engines
1980/11/24 Kysor Air-Operated Shutdown Actuators For 3406, 3408, 1693 Truck Engines
1980/11/24 Modification Of Puller Bolt Prevents Thread Damage During Removal Of Sleeve From Sleeve Metering Fuel System{0621,1251,1253}
1980/11/24 Inspect All Engine Oil And Fuel Filter Elements Before Installation{1000,1261,1318}
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