1989/12/25 Caterpillar

New Shaft Assembly Available For Cutter Drum{6601}


PR-450 ( 7DC ) Pavement Profilers

Description of Change: A new shaft assembly is available for the cutter drum. The new shaft assembly is heat treated and has a smaller diameter which provides additional clearance for the shaft bearing. There is little clearance between the existing shaft assembly and the shaft bearing. During normal use, the inside diameter of the bearing race could seize on the shaft. The failed bearing must then be replaced each time the cutter drum assembly is removed from the machine. The new shaft assembly eliminates bearing replacement each time the cutter drum is removed.

Adaptable To: The new 7R6209 Shaft Assembly is adaptable to first production.

The existing 8C1737 Shaft Assembly can be reworked by turning the shaft diameter to the dimensions of the new shaft assembly. See Illustration 2.

NOTE: The total indicator reading (TIR) of the shaft diameter to "Surface A" should be no more than 0.08 mm (.003").

Illustration 1. Component location.

Illustration 2. Modification of existing shaft assembly.

Caterpillar Information System:

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