1980/01/14 Caterpillar

New Raw Water Engine Oil Cooler Is Used{1378}


D398A, D398B and D399 Industrial And Marine Engines

Description of Change: A raw water oil cooler of a different design is now used in the engine oil cooler group which is available for D398A, D398B and D399 Industrial and Marine Engines. The new oil cooler uses a gasket to give a seal between the flange on the tube bundle and the outer body. Formerly, the flange on the tube bundle was welded to the outer body.

Also, a double source temperature regulator is now used instead of the former single source temperature regulator.

Adaptable As: The new heat exchanger assembly (oil cooler) and temperature regulator are direct replacements for the former parts as shown in the chart which follows:

Caterpillar Information System:

1980/01/14 Use The FT1481 Bracket To Hold The 1P2371 Micrometer In Position During Bore Size Measurement{0655,0663}
1980/01/07 Improved Ring Seal Used At Rear Of Crankshaft {1161}
1980/01/07 8N1831 Fuel Nozzle Assembly Now Approved For Use In 1693 Truck Engine; Chart For Applications Of 8N1831 And 7N5005 Fuel Nozzle Assemblies {1254}
1980/01/07 Important: XT3 And XT5 Hose Assemblies Must Be Fabricated And Installed Correctly For Maximum Service Life {5057}
1980/01/07 New Exhaust Valve For Special Engine Applications {1104,1105}
1980/01/07 Fuel Heaters Are Now Available For Field Installation {1296}
1980/01/07 Do Not Use 5B1161 Wire To Check Main Bearing And Connecting Rod Bearing Clearances; Use Plastigage {0653,1203,1219,1230}
1980/01/07 Three New Pressure Gauges Are Now Available {0651}
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT-AND ITS EFFECT ON SR4 GENERATORS Operating Environment - And Its Effect On SR4 Generators
C4.4 Industrial Engine and C4.4 Engine for Genset Electrical System - (Interactive) C4.4 Industrial Engine and C4.4 Engine for Genset Electrical System - (Interactive)
C18 Generator Set with EMCP3 Electrical System 276-4751 C18 Generator Set with EMCP3 Electrical System 276-4751
C15 Off-Highway Truck Engine Electrical System 236-6230-03 C15 Off-Highway Truck Engine Electrical System 236-6230-03
1980/01/21 A Spring With A Lower Rate Is Now Used In The Fuel Filter Group To Give Less Fuel Pressure{1261}
1980/01/21 New Piston Groups Have The Piston Pin Bore Off-Center, Away From The Thrust Side Of The Piston{1214}
1980/01/21 Cooling System Improvements Prevent Expansion Tank Leakage{1354,1380,1153}
1980/01/21 Extended Shafts Now Available For Front Power Takeoff Units{3055}
1980/01/21 New Fuel Injection Nozzle Assembly Used{1254}
1980/01/28 New 6V199 Socket For Use On Fasteners In Areas With Limited Clearance{0612}
1980/01/28 Installation Procedures For 5N5880 Remote Shut-Off Group And 5N6336 Oil Pressure Indicator Gauge Group{7418,7403,7455}
1980/01/28 New Attachment Air Compressor Group and Lines Groups Have Improved Design{1065}
1980/01/28 Oil Drain Hole Added To Spacer Plate Cylinder Block To Permit Use Of Scroll Fuel System{1201,1221}
1980/02/04 New Cylinder Liner Has Improved Design To Keep Liner Temperatures Lower{1216}
1980/02/04 Change To Gear On Accessory Drive Shaft Assembly Gives Longer Service Life{1207,1206}
1980/02/04 Real Value Available Through Caterpillar Remanufacturing Programs{0374}
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