Right Cylinder Head Assembly


Remove Right Cylinder Head Assembly

preparatory steps:

a) remove right turbocharger

b) remove fuel injection lines (right side)

c) remove right camshaft housing

1. Drain the cooling system.

2. Remove the air compressor lubrication line. Disconnect left turbocharger lubrication line (1) from turbocharger and from "T" fitting (2). Pull the line away from right cylinder head. Remove the turbocharger main lubrication line (3), mounting clamps and bolts.

3. Disconnect wiring from water temperature shutoff sending unit (4). Disconnect all water lines from water temperature regulator housing. Attach a hoist to regulator housing. Remove all regulator housing-to-cylinder head mounting bolts (5) and nuts. Remove water temperature regulator housing (6).

4. Remove the aftercooler vent lines. Remove the aftercooler water inlet line (7). Remove the engine front lifting bracket.

5. Remove fuel supply line and fuel return line clamp mounting bolt (8).

6. Disconnect governor linkage from governor. Remove governor control channel assembly. Remove the governor-to-right aftercooler housing mounting bracket. Remove fuel injection pump housing brackets-to-right cylinder head mounting bolts. Remove the fuel ratio control sensing line.

7. Remove the aftercooler water outlet line mounting bolts from right aftercooler housing. Rotate the water line (9) away from cylinder head as shown.

8. Remove the four exhaust elbow bracket mounting bolts from the right cylinder head. Loosen the four exhaust elbow bracket mounting bolts in left cylinder head.

9. Remove the cylinder head retaining nuts and washers. Attach a hoist and remove the cylinder head assembly - weight 650 lbs. (295 kg).

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove spacer plate unless spacer plate gasket has been leaking or was damaged during removal of cylinder head assembly.

Install Right Cylinder Head Assembly

1. Clean the top surface of spacer plate and mating surface of cylinder head. Install the head gasket and water seals (1).

2. Attach a hoist and position the cylinder head assembly on engine. Coat the threads of retaining studs with 9M3710 Anti-Seize Compound. Install washers and retaining nuts. Tighten the nuts in following Step sequence:

1 Tighten all nuts in numerical sequence shown to 175 lb. ft. (24,2 mkg).

2 Again tighten all nuts in numerical sequence shown to 250 lb. ft. 34,6 mkg).

3 Finally hand tighten all nuts in numerical sequence shown to 250 lb. ft. (34,6 mkg).

3. Install the four exhaust elbow bracket mounting bolts in right cylinder head. Tighten four elbow bracket mounting bolts in left cylinder head.

4. Position the aftercooler water outlet line and install mounting bolts. Install fuel ratio control sensing line. Install fuel injection pump housing bracket (2) mounting bolts. Install governor-to-right cylinder head mounting bracket. Install governor control channel assembly, and connect governor control linkage.

5. Install fuel supply line and return line clamp mounting bolt. Install engine front lifting bracket. Install aftercooler water inlet line. Install aftercooler vent lines.

6. Attach a hoist and position water temperature regulator housing on engine. Install all regulator housing mounting bolts. Connect water lines to regulator housing. Connect wiring to water temperature shutoff sending unit.

7. Install turbocharger main lubrication line, clamps and mouting bolts. Connect the left turbocharger lubrication line to "T" fitting and to turbocharger. Install air compressor lubrication line.

8. Fill the cooling system.

concluding steps:

a) install right camshaft housing

b) install fuel injection lines

c) install right turbocharger

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