Camshaft Housings


Remove Camshaft Housings

preparatory step:

a) remove valve cover

1. Rotate the crankshaft to top dead center compression stroke No. 1 piston. See LOCATING TOP DEAD CENTER COMPRESSION POSITION FOR NO. 1 PISTON in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.

2. Disconnect the glow plug wiring harness from the glow plugs and camshaft housing. Remove the glow plug wiring harness and mounting bolts.

3. Remove the inner fuel injection lines (1). Disconnect the outer fuel injection lines from camshaft housing and fuel injection pump housing. Remove all outer fuel injection line hold-down clamp mounting bolts. Pull the outer fuel injection lines away from camshaft housing.

4. To remove right camshaft housing only, remove right turbocharger vent line (2). Remove right turbocharger lubrication line (3). Disconnect left turbocharger lubrication line (4) from turbocharger and from "T" fitting (5). Remove the "T" fitting. Disconnect the air compressor lubrication line (6) from air compressor, and swing line clear of camshaft housing.

5. To remove the left camshaft housing only, remove the left turbocharger vent line.

6. Remove the camshaft housing end cover. Remove the two camshaft housing mounting bolts (7), nuts (8) and locks.

7. Remove the remaining camshaft housing-to-cylinder head mounting bolts.

8. Install two 3/8" -16NC forged eyebolts in camshaft housing. Attach a hoist and remove the camshaft housing - weight 160 lbs. (73 kg).

Install Camshaft Housings

1. Adjust all valve lash adjustment screws to obtain maximum valve clearance.

2. Align the phasing gear timing marks and install the camshaft timing pin in inlet camshaft bearing journal.

3. Check to be sure that crankshaft is at TDC compression position No. 1 piston and timing bolt is installed in flywheel. The crankshaft will also be in this position if:

a) The timing pin can be inserted into slot in fuel injection pump camshaft as outlined in FUEL INJECTION PUMP CAMSHAFT TIMING in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.

b) The timing pin for the opposite camshaft housing will drop into inlet camshaft bearing journal (if housing has not been disturbed).


If above procedure relating to valve lash, camshaft timing marks and crankshaft position is not followed, damage to the engine can result.

4. Attach hoist and position camshaft housing on engine making sure that exhaust camshaft gear and drive gear are meshed. Install camshaft housing retaining bolts, nuts and locks. Install camshaft housing end cover.

5. After installing left camshaft housing only, install left turbocharger vent line.

6. After installing right camshaft housing only, connect lubrication line to air compressor. Install turbocharger lubrication line "T" fitting. Connect left turbocharger lubrication line to fitting and to turbocharger. Install right turbocharger lubrication line and vent line.

7. Connect outer fuel injection lines and install clamp mounting bolts. Install inner fuel injection lines. Tighten all line retaining nuts to 30 ± 5 lb. ft. (4,1 ± 0,7 mkg).

8. Install glow plug wiring harness and mounting bolts. Connect wiring to glow plugs and housing. Remove all timing pins from their timing slots and install them in their respective storage positions.

concluding steps:

a) adjust valve clearance

b) install valve covers

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