Aftercooler Water Pump


Remove Aftercooler Water Pump

1. Drain the cooling system. Drain the aftercooler water pump.

2. Remove water pump outlet line (1). Remove the inlet line-to-water pump mounting bolts (3).

3. Remove oil breather tube clamp mounting bolt (2).

4. Remove engine side cover retaining bolt (4).

5. Remove the aftercooler water pump mounting bolts and nuts. Remove the aftercooler water pump - weight 50 lbs. (23 kg).

Install Aftercooler Water Pump

1. Position the aftercooler water pump and install mounting bolts and nuts.

2. Install the engine side cover retaining bolt.

3. Install inlet line-to-water pump mounting bolts. Install oil breather tube clamp mounting bolt.

4. Install the pump outlet line.

5. Fill the cooling system.

Disassemble Aftercooler Water Pump

preparatory step:

a) remove aftercooler water pump

1. Loosen the two bolts behind pump drive gear and remove the gear assembly (1) bolts, lock, spacer and thrust washer as a unit.

2. Remove the flange-to-housing retaining bolts and locks. Remove the flange assembly (2). Remove bearing from flange.

3. Remove the impeller, housing and shaft assembly as a unit from pump housing. Remove the bearing retainer plate, bolts and locks. Bend the lock and remove bearing retaining nut using spanner wrench (A).

4. Remove the impeller retaining nut, washer and cotter pin. Install tool setup (B) and remove impeller from shaft.

5. Remove shaft assembly from housing. Remove the O-ring seal from housing. Press the bearing assembly off the shaft.

6. Remove the lip-type seal and the carbon seal assembly from housing.

Assemble Aftercooler Water Pump

1. Using tool setup (A), install the lip-type seal in housing. Lip of seal should face impeller end of housing. Lubricate the lip of seal.

2. Using seal installer (B), install the carbon seal assembly in housing. Install the O-ring seal on housing.

3. Press the bearing assembly onto the shaft. Install the shaft assembly in housing.

4. Install the impeller, washer and retaining nut (2) on the shaft. Tighten retaining nut to 30 ± 5 lb. ft. (4,1 ± 0,7 mkg) plus amount to align cotter pin. Install the cotter pin and bend both legs around retaining nut.

5. Install the bearing retaining lock and nut (1). Using spanner wrench (C), tighten nut to 65 ± 10 lb. ft. (9,0 ± 1,4 mkg). Bend the lock. Install bearing retaining plate, bolts and locks. Install the impeller, housing and shaft assembly in the pump housing.

6. Install the bearing in flange assembly. Install the flange assembly, retaining bolts and locks.

7. Install the gear assembly, bolts, lock, spacer and washer as a unit. Tighten retaining bolts and bend lock.

concluding step:

a) install aftercooler water pump

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