Crankshaft Main Bearings


Remove Crankshaft Main Bearings

preparatory step:

a) remove oil pan

NOTE: It will be necessary to remove the oil pump if crankshaft rear main bearing and thrust bearings are to be removed. Remove the front sump pickup tube to gain access to the crankshaft front main bearing cap.

1. Remove the main bearing cap retaining nuts and washers.

2. Remove the main bearing cap. Remove the lower half of main bearing from cap.

3. Remove the upper half of crankshaft main bearing from the cylinder block.

Install Crankshaft Main Bearings

1. Lubricate the crankshaft main bearing journal. Install the upper half of main bearing.

2. Lubricate the washer face and threads of the bearing cap retaining nuts with clean SAE 30 crankcase oil.

3. Install the lower half of main bearing in cap. Position the cap and install retaining nuts and washers.

4. Tighten the main bearing nuts initially to 60 ± 5 lb. ft. (8,3 ± 0,7 mkg) in sequence A-B-C-D.

5. Mark the nut and end of stud and tighten nut in sequence A-B-C-D and additional 120°±5° from the mark.

6. Check the main bearing clearance. Main bearing clearance should be .0046-.0076 in. (0,117-0,193 mm). Maximum permissible clearance is .010 in. (0,25 mm).

7. Check the crankshaft end play (controlled by thrust bearings on crankshaft rear main bearing cap). End play should be .010-.022 in.(0,25 - 0,56 mm).

concluding step:

a) install oil pan

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