Oil Cooler


Remove Oil Cooler

preparatory step:

a) remove oil filter elements

1. Drain the engine crankcase - capacity 19 U.S. gal. (71 liter). Drain the cooling system and oil cooler.

2. Disconnect vent tube (1) and remove the oil filler pipe (2).

3. Remove oil lines (3).

4. Remove the two oil cooler inlet line mounting bolts (4).

5. Remove the oil cooler-to-oil filter base mounting nuts (5). Remove the oil cooler - weight 80 lbs. (36 kg).

Install Oil Cooler

1. Position the oil cooler to the engine and install mounting nuts.

2. Install the inlet line mounting bolts.

3. Install the oil filter base inlet and outlet oil lines.

4. Install the oil filler pipe and connect the vent tube.

5. Fill the cooling system and engine crankcase.

concluding step:

a) install oil filter elements

Disassemble Oil Cooler

preparatory step:

a) remove oil cooler

1. Remove the two O-ring seals from cooler.

2. Remove the two drain plugs and washers.

3. Remove the oil cooler inlet and outlet bonnets.

Assemble Oil Cooler

1. Install the inlet and outlet bonnets.

2. Install the drain plugs and washers.

3. Install the O-ring seals.

concluding step:

a) install oil cooler

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