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Changes To Caterpillar Incident Reporting Field Use Form And DSN Incident Report Entry Screens {1000, 7000}


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  • Service Magazine SEPD1038, 18 November 2009, "Caterpillar Incident Reporting Process For All Cat Products ". Disregard this article. Refer to the information in the following article. Read the entire article due to the multiple changes.

    Caterpillar Incident Reporting Process

    For many years Caterpillar has maintained an active Incident Reporting program to obtain information about incidents that involve Caterpillar products. This program is a global program committed to by both Caterpillar and CAT Dealers as described through Dealer Sales and Service Agreements.

    Incidents are any events that involve a Caterpillar product and that result in any of the following:

    • Personal injury

    • Fatality

    • Product damage

    • Property damage

    • A unique event or a near-miss event (even though no injury or damage occurred)

    Why Incident Reports Matter

    The purpose for reporting these events is to gather and record objective and accurate information about incidents wherever Caterpillar products are used around the world. This information allows Caterpillar to evaluate the need for current and future product changes. A complete incident description should include timely and relevant facts of the events surrounding the incident. These events can include location, weather and ground conditions, descriptions of all machines, and the identification of people involved. Photos are always encouraged.

    Such information enables Caterpillar to evaluate the incident quickly to determine if further information or action is needed. Therefore, it is important for the information to be as accurate and factual as possible. While normally just factual information should be included in the Incident Report, there are times when opinions based on observations can be helpful. If opinions or speculation are thought to be helpful in describing the incident, the opinions should be identified clearly as such so that the opinions are not interpreted as factual information.

    Uploading Photographs

    When adding photographs to the Incident Report, add the original files as the files came out of the camera, without reducing the resolution. Also, do not embed the photographs into a PDF file or Excel or PowerPoint file. If there are many photos, consider adding the photos to a Zip file prior to uploading to DSN. The Zip file saves file size and time in uploading and downloading the photos.

    Incident Reporting Process

    All Incident Reports should be submitted on-line through the Dealer Solutions Network (DSN). Submitting Incident Reports through the DSN ensures quick review by Caterpillar personnel and if appropriate the development of a plan of action. Using the DSN simplifies the task of submitting Incident Reports and provides the capability to attach photos and documents and to view past submissions. Because DSN access is reserved for authorized dealers, dealer customers must be aware of the importance of reporting all incidents and of communicating that information to the dealer whenever an incident involving a Caterpillar product occurs.

    Changes To Field Use Form And DSN Entry Screens

    The Caterpillar Incident Reporting Field Use Form & Instructions and DSN Incident Report entry screens have been modified to use the same order and format of information. In addition, the two preliminary questions on the DSN entry screens that identify the incident as either an actual event or a near miss have been expanded to three questions in order to distinguish further between property/product damage and personal injury for an actual event. These three questions also now appear on the Field Use Form.

    Incident Report Form Availability

    Blank Incident Reporting Forms are available at the following location on SIS. These forms can be utilized by field personnel to gather information while on the job site. Forms are available in English (REHS8502) and Spanish (RSSH8502). Links to these documents in SIS will also be added to the Global DSN Homepage (https://gdsn.cat.com).

    Illustration 1g03369571

    Illustration 2g03369576

    Illustration 3g03369582

    For more information about incident reporting, dealer personnel may register for the DSN Incident Reporting on-line training course through the Dealer Learning Management System (DLSM) Service Campus, course number 20709.

    Thank you for your continued support of Caterpillar's Incident Reporting Process.

    Caterpillar Information System:

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    797F and 797F XQ Off-Highway Truck/Tractor Braking System Relief Valve (Main) - Test and Adjust
    CX31-P600 Petroleum Transmission Drive Plate - Flywheel) (C15 - C18 Engines
    C13 Industrial Engines Camshaft
    349F and 352F Excavators Hydraulic System Pump Control (Negative Flow) - Adjust
    797F and 797F XQ Off-Highway Trucks Torque Converter Sump Oil Level - Check
    325D and 329D Excavators Hydraulic System Swing Bearing Movement - Measure
    CX31-P600 Petroleum Transmission Coupling Fastener - Flywheel) (C9 - C13 Engines
    797F and 797F XQ Off-Highway Trucks Torque Converter and Transmission Oil Sample - Obtain
    349F and 352F Excavators Hydraulic System Accumulator (Pilot) - Test and Charge
    797F and 797F XQ Off-Highway Truck/Tractor Braking System Motor Rotating Group (Brake Cooling) - Adjust
    793F Off-Highway Truck Machine Systems Traction Control Valve - Assemble
    CX31-P600 Petroleum Transmission Drive Plate - Flywheel) (C9 - C13 Engines
    797F and 797F XQ Off-Highway Truck/Tractor Braking System Parking Brake Release Pressure - Test
    CX31-P600 Petroleum Transmission Torque Converter Housing - Integral Pump Drive, Retarder
    C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Fuel System Pressure - Test
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    2009/10/15 New Software is Now Used for the Product Link PL121SR and PL321SR Systems {7606, 7620}
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